Friday, June 13, 2014

Welcome Aboard

    This post both makes me happy and a little bit sad too. Adrienne and I gave Amanda her one and only baby shower. Adrienne put her heart and soul into it and it was wonderful! That is the happy part. the sad part is due to total chaos from a snafu with the room reservation I have NO pictures. I was told that some were taken by others but none have been sent to me.... so I am going to post a few of the decorations  as documentation for Amanda. These are not great pictures as I had all intentions of taking pictures at the shower...... Baby Trip is going to have a nautical nursery so Adrienne had a blast with that theme.
We will start with the card. I am slightly addicted to box cards.....
This is a mirror we found at Hobby Lobby and jazzed it up a bit for his room. I love how it turned out.
Next is the bait shop. So wish there were pictures from the shower as it was adorable all put together. And talk about a big hit! I had no idea that gummies were going to create so much excitement!
Here are the banners really crummy picture, they are laying on my bedroom floor. At the shower we hung them on a window overlooking the pool and it was so cute.
  I made 2 lighthouses and they were wonderful will definitely use the file from SVGcuts again!
and last but certainly not least the cake pops and cupcakes!
Thank you for joining in the shower fun.... I oh so wish I could share pictures of the happy couple enjoying their day. But a truly fun time was had by all and that is really what matter.
Have a wonderful day and take a momment to count your blessings.

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