Sunday, August 29, 2010

Super quick card

The Pink Stamper is having a challenge to make something with a winter theme. I put this together real quick for Olivia. She is really struggling with going to school for the first time. I thought it would be fun and she loves penquins. When I went to post it on the website realized that MANY others used the same penquin and igloo. Lol guess though I am not original I have good taste!! Maybe I can score a little originality, the scarf is cut from the insert from my pink stamper stamp set.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

This is Adrienne's birthday card. I wanted to do an elegant card but when I dyed the paper such bright colors I liked it. It does not lend itself to elegant. The inside is my first ever pop up card. It will not be the last as that was soooo simple. I really wanted to "tacky up" the inside so that Skyler would appreciate it, after all he is my biggest fan! When I look at the pics it is interesting that the scanned pic shows that it is pink yet the camera shot of the inside it appears red????

Thursday, August 26, 2010

One last post today. I allowed all day to play and only got 2 cards and one layout (that I am not in love with) done. ARGH I sometimes move so slow! This is from Olivias visit and really gave me a fit. I had started with a plan a long time ago but quickly changed and then changed and then added until it was a hot mess. Finally got it to the point where I can live with it even if I do not love it.
World most ridiculously easy card!! But I like it..... I am trying to come up with something a little creative for Adrienne's birthday and that is definitely stretching for me. I colored glossy card stock with alcohol ink. I tried embossing backgrounds adding silhouettes ribbon etc. But I kept coming back to the painted paper. I love the way it looked and did not want to take away from it at all. I am not going to send this to Adrienne and before I use it may add to it, but would not be unhappy to mail as is!!
CONGRATULATIONS, Adrienne. This is a fun card I made to celebrate making Deans list. This was using sassafrass summer kit from club Ruby. This is the first time I have purchased a kit so working with it is going to be totally different. I do not think I have ever "blinged up" a card this much before it sure was fun to make! Hopefully this will be the beginning of the end to my "dry spell!" Off to start on her birthday card.......

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Playing with Grandma's "stash"

I so enjoyed my recent visit with Olivia, it is such a rare treat theses days to get to have her at my house for a few days. she has such a precious giving spirit. She wanted to make cards for her brother and sister while she was here. She really enjoyed the sparkly things she discovered among my accumulation! So she made sparkly cards to match her sparkling personality!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Olivia comes from a long line of chocoholics. So I designed this for her birthday. I actually was working on a pink and brown challenge too. Happy Birthday, Olivia!
Isn't this the cutest! My 9 year old (in a few days) granddaughter is visiting me, she designed this for her bff. It was so much fun to watch her creative wheels turning as we worked on the card. Her enthusiasm is definitely contagious! The purple tummy represents bff Annie's fav color and you guessed it the blue is Olivia. Grandma is having soooo much fun this week. Hoping to get a slew of pics to scrap soon (just add them to the list!)