Thursday, April 28, 2011

Birthday card

This is a very simple birthday card that I made for my daughter. I used a picture In took in my backyard as the background paper. I am very happy with the way it turned out.

Taken laying on my hammock using the fish eye effect.

the panda is from the zoo palz collection from Scrappydew

The font is Happy camper from Lettering Delights
I entered this card in scrappydews spring challenge.

Thank you for taking a moment to spend time with me. I hope you have a truly blessed day.
Live the life you've imagined.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

I truly hope that today the true beauty of the great gift of forgiveness will find you in a new way! When this world tells you "you are not good enough because of your past mistakes" I hope truth will grasp you in its hands and shout in your face "It is finished Christ paid it all".
I am so sorry that I have been totally MIA. I have just contracted a bad case of "can not get my act together" no excuses except laziness and procrastination.......That said I will start with announcing winners. I know, I know never even announced the prizes for 200 followers so here they are. I have decided since I was so lazy I will choose 2 followers for a bit of blog candy. And for the 2 followers I am going to send a kit of the month from Creative Charms I just think they are so cute. The winners (according to are Jenny of Scrap with Jenny and Cheryl of See it Snap it Scrap it.
The winner of the ribbon for the links of love blog hop is Jenny Kozar I am going to also throw in a little gift from Creative Charms because I was sooooo slow in getting this done!

And now for a quick share. This is a card that I made for DH for his birthday. We have a Boston Terrier puppy that he adores named Lucy. I converted a coloring book page to a card template in MTC. Though my finishing details were sloppy on this it was a fun project. The file cuts really well. I am not sure how to share MTC files but if anyone would like to have it just let me know and I will figure it out.

Thank you so much for the time you have spent with me today.
Live the life you have imagined.
Love and hugs Brenda

Sunday, April 10, 2011

WOW 192 followers

I have not been on the computer too much this week end and when I got on found all this love in my comments and 192 followers!!!! I am really working on my crafting attitude right now so have made a few very simple cards this week end. I tend to get stuck and frustrated if I can not make something that I absolutely adore. I have been struggling for a few days with a card that I wanted to make for a crafty (very talented) lady who is going through a rough patch. Have I made a card?? NO because my thought process keeps going back to.... it has to being extraordinary for her...... DUH!!! I came to the aha moment that when I do this I am not only cutting off my nose to spite my face by spinning my wheels and accomplishing nothing, I am denying that special person from knowing how really special they are to me. Even if the card is ordinary it will be special because the recipient is!!That being said I will try to work on some simple card layouts that I can use as my go to's when I just can not get the mojo going and want someone to know I am thinking of them.... Here are 2 from this week end.

The flower one was inspired by a card in cardmakers magazine. I have had a subscription for a year and never even thought about actually making the cards LOL. The purple is the super simple pinwheel. Now I have to actually get happy enough with them to send them out.

Now I must get to the store and get some blog candy. Can not believe that I am so close to 200. I have a couple of good coupons so will try to get some shopping in tomorrow (still trying to catch up from my marathon crafting toe get the baby shower stuff done lol) I will post a picture of whatever fun stuff I find...... so that when we tip the number to 200. I can celebrate along with on lucky follower.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Back from the Post Office

Got it all done and mailed out ahead of schedule. Ate take out 2 nights in a row and my craft room EXPLODED, but it is done. Now I just have my fingers crossed that they like it at the other end.Here are pics of the thank you notes and the decorations for the diaper cake.I think I will even include a few pictures of the explosion. It will make your space look fantastic!!

you guessed it, I am cleaning up before I cook dinner and go to work!!! I need to put stuff away before I can even think of starting another project lol lol lol

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A work in progress

Here are a few pics of the mess and the work in progress as promised now I am off to get the final things and some blog candy from the crafty store. You guessed it Lucy is resting from working hard to help me make a mess!!


Here are the 2 completed banners!! Woohoo now Have to finish the cuts for the diaper cake and run out to get some ribbon...... about 18 inches shy of finishing the thank you cards argh.... Do not know why I never thought that roll would run out????DUH

Tough times need love.

I absolutely adore Kristal and her eyes wide open approach to life. Today she is doing a share the love blog hop. I am going through a really rough spot personally and look forward to seeing all the love!! She has asked that we share one thing about ourselves that is special or unique. I LOVE LOVE LOVE music of all genres, but can not sing out in public because I am tone deaf. Yep I can make a real joyful racket!

I so appreciate all the love and want desperately to send some back but.... I have committed to making a 2 twenty foot banners a diaper cake, decorations and thank you notes for a baby shower my daughter is giving. She gave me a date in May and then when I was talking to her (she lives 500 miles away) yesterday afternoon at 2 she mentioned they had changed the date to April 17 YIKES she thought she had told me. Needless to say I am scrambling to get them done and in the mail. That being said I will hop around as soon as it is all done. In the meantime I am going to give you a chance for blog candy of yet it is mystery blog candy as I will get it in the next crafty store run (most likely pretty ribbon as I think no one ever has too much ribbon) will post a pic as soon as I have it. Will also post pics of my space..... right now TOO FUNNY trying to rush this job and entertain a 4 month old Boston Terrier TOTAL disaster!!
Follow this link to join in Kristal's share the love blog hop.

Yep the blog candy is ribbon. Will add to it but that will remain a mystery until it arrives at the winners house.
LOL just noticed that the cute cupcake ribbon is upside down....that is the kind of day I have had!!