Sunday, April 10, 2011

WOW 192 followers

I have not been on the computer too much this week end and when I got on found all this love in my comments and 192 followers!!!! I am really working on my crafting attitude right now so have made a few very simple cards this week end. I tend to get stuck and frustrated if I can not make something that I absolutely adore. I have been struggling for a few days with a card that I wanted to make for a crafty (very talented) lady who is going through a rough patch. Have I made a card?? NO because my thought process keeps going back to.... it has to being extraordinary for her...... DUH!!! I came to the aha moment that when I do this I am not only cutting off my nose to spite my face by spinning my wheels and accomplishing nothing, I am denying that special person from knowing how really special they are to me. Even if the card is ordinary it will be special because the recipient is!!That being said I will try to work on some simple card layouts that I can use as my go to's when I just can not get the mojo going and want someone to know I am thinking of them.... Here are 2 from this week end.

The flower one was inspired by a card in cardmakers magazine. I have had a subscription for a year and never even thought about actually making the cards LOL. The purple is the super simple pinwheel. Now I have to actually get happy enough with them to send them out.

Now I must get to the store and get some blog candy. Can not believe that I am so close to 200. I have a couple of good coupons so will try to get some shopping in tomorrow (still trying to catch up from my marathon crafting toe get the baby shower stuff done lol) I will post a picture of whatever fun stuff I find...... so that when we tip the number to 200. I can celebrate along with on lucky follower.


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