Monday, December 9, 2013

The twins turn 8...can it be?

  Thought I would share today my absolute LOVE of Make the Cut! Yesterday due to weather my plans were canceled........what to do with myself? So I hit a couple of big box stores and bought the gifts for the twins birthday. This close to Christmas it sneaks up on me every year........ Then I was totally wiped out but decided to push on and make them their cards. Surfed around Pinterest for awhile trying to get inspiration nada! So decided to go the lazy route...... I googled clipart of Mario for Eli. Imported quickly into MTC. and print and cut. Onto the sentiment....Back into MTC  I used chiller an already installed font...And printed it onto the cardstock. Added some dimensionals a bit of twine and a button and I have a card that I know Eli will like.

 Net up is  Emme.... hers had to sparkle.. found some scraps of glitter paper and decided an envelope full of butterflies. I just inherited a tiny butterfly punch so punched a bunch from the scraps.... Then back into MTC where I quickly found an envelope file in the gallery. Import, size, cut, fold, done.

  I know these are incredibly simple cards but they were made with love by a grandma that had a very busy week. I absolutely love that this program allows me to find inspiration quickly and results in a flash. During the holiday season we tend to get so busy I wanted to share that in just a few minutes you can create something personal that is made with love.

 Thanks for your time!
Have a very blessed holiday season.

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