Thursday, November 7, 2013

LOVE these so much!!

     I have just started to try and create some things with the wonderful product called Square1..... It is an alternative to vinyl that has NO PVCs!!!! Yep safe around your children and on tumblers! I love the versatility that the printable gives me. Anyway on to the project.
  A friend in a yahoo group just adopted a beautiful baby girl and she posted pictures of her with month stickers on. At month 4 that precious baby crumpled up her sticker. That picture got me thinking. These are going to be much harder to destroy and they are going to remain sticky for multiple times just in case the first attempt you do not get a wonderful picture and then it is totally safe to add it to the baby book or a scrapbook page and already sticky!  And I designed these for a friend that just had a boy last week. I can not wait to see them in a picture!
Thanks for looking at my work.I would love to hear what you think!
Have a ridiculously amazing day!

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