Saturday, June 29, 2013

Findng Your voice

  I tried starting another blog for things not crafty and having 2 was overwhelming for me so going to combine the two and see if that works better???
Wednesday I saw a status on facebook about Rukristins blog doing a "Finding your voice" free workshop. The status referenced better journaling on scrapbooking post. And of course I am excellent at clicking links. When I began to read about the course I realized that it is so much more. I am really struggling with becoming authentic and not allowing others to define me. I think that this is a course that if I follow through will help me with this process. 
  I have tossed around and started (just barely) a "me" type journal....... how many times now.....countless. Yep, I am the ultimate author of unfinished projects. I am really hoping that this will be different. I saw at Michaels the other day Simple Stories SNAP line and thought it would be perfect for this type project and the next day clicking a link find the project. So I am off to the store and when this is posted there WILL be a page to show you.

  The thing that became glaring apparent to me as I have worked through this assignment is that I want to find my voice because I believe that is the road back to my confidence. At 56 years of age I still suffer like a young school girl with a total lack of confidence. I know that I am a child of the one true king and that I have value but I do not live it. I know that my life is over half over and I am so tired of this battle. I want to find my voice and my confidence so that possibly one person may be spared this long and lonely journey.
 When I did my pages for my new Snap book I discovered that when I am doing a "me" project I do not want to "waste" product. That spoke volumes to me. Made me sad but also made me feel growth when I put things on MY book. 
  And here is a collage of pictures that I took this week.I truly hope to grow in my photography skills. Taking 5 pictures a day is easy taking 5 worth sharing is a challenge.

 Again as I worked through this part of the challenge and have read post by others I am ready to focus my photographs more. I intend to try and capture images of 5 things that make me proud that day. I think this will be a visual reminder of my worth.

Thanks you so much for your amazing attention span if you made it this far.
Now off to enjoy the blessings in your day!


  1. Hi! I'm part of Kristin's "Find Your Voice" workshop and just read your blog post, it's awesome! I am in the 50 age range and have many of the same feelings as you, I'm inspired to work on my first week today as I've been putting it off, LOL! Thanks for giving me that bit of inspiration!


  2. I love that Matthew West song!! If you haven't heard it, and it was just a coincidence, you must.

    Awesome job on the first prompt. I look forward to seeing what else you do.

  3. I think that's a great way to approach the class. I'm taking five photos a day and trying to have at least one (but hopefully 3) be about stories that I want to tell.

  4. ohmygosh! I'm 57 and still Finding My Voice! I totally identify with the "wasting supplies". I have to remind myself that the WHOLE pkg of xyz, was less than I'd spend to go out to eat once. $3 or $4 for a ream of cardstock, $4-5 for some embellies, that is still less than $10 to tell my story (per story). And telling our stories is important!

  5. I noticed your were shy on Find Your Voice's Facebook group about sharing this and oh my, you shouldn't be. This is a beautiful post, and your book is beautiful as well. My confidence is good, for blog posts and such, however I lack confidence in many areas and I know how hard sharing can be. I am an artist, and rarely do I think my drawings are good enough. Luckily my wife is my biggest supporter, and pushes me gently forward. She helps me, when I am stuck and even when I am not. You have support too, not only from those in your life (I assume, and hope) but from us Find Your Voice-ers who are on this storytelling journey as well!

  6. I really loved reading your post and seeing your snap album-it looks great! I loved your honesty and I really hope that this workshop serves as a growing experience for you!

  7. You are worth it! Looks like you've got a great start on Finding Your Voice.

  8. Loved reading your post! I'm 51 and am still struggling with some of those same confidence issues. Here's hoping that finding our voice will help us conquer that demon once and for all! :)


Have a Blessed Day.