Monday, May 16, 2011

Card for a sick child

This is not what I originally planned to post for my first link in Monday but felt that even though this is not one of the pieces I am the most proud of, the cause is worth sharing. This card was made for Dylan
Actually the picture depicts it as worse than it was lol. I used puff paint for the collar and sleeves and messed it up when I went to take the assured before I sent it to Dylan I fixed it and a few other flaws (but forgot to take another picture)
I used MTC and a coloring book page to cut the BYU football player (Dylan's favorite team) Also used MTC and gel pens for the Touchdown. I love this awesome silver cardstock, my hubby found it at work, they were going to put it in the dumpster. Oh no, I think I can save it from that fate LOL. I put the football player on an action wobble so he can "throw" the football.
I want to invite everyone who has not already joined in to have a go at Made it myself Monday!
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  1. Nice card I like the silver to.

  2. Great card.


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