Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Holiday challenge for OWH

The challenge was to bid farewell to 2010 by making a card that had 10 things on it. Well, keeping it to 10 can be a challenge for me lol. Therefore I made it a double challenge for myself. I am trying to "get it together" to make cards for this worthwhile cause. Heaven knows I would have loved my hubby to have one of these cards to send me when he was deployed so it is the least I can do. The problem is as a new crafter I am terminally slow!!! I just am never happy with a project for days. Well that does not get many cards made so I challenged myself to create a card that I would be proud to send in 45 minutes so that it would be something that I could possibly replicate a few times. So here goes.
4 papers
4 flowers with bling centers
2 ribbons
now STOP
Thanks for looking at my work.
Happy New Year.
Hope that I will see you all in 2011.

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