Wednesday, May 1, 2013

To blog or not to blog?

  I am going through a "mood" "phase" or "season" that I am hoping is going to lead to some positive changes in me. So I have been seriously considering giving up blogging, as I have become quite inconsistent...... but on the other hand I want to embrace it with abandon. So I am going to ponder and seek advice for awhile and then will go one direction or the other, because the blog as it is just does not bring me happiness.
  Layout A Day had a challenge on the facebook page today to use up your stash. You could link up a picture so thought I would for fun. I have been trying to work on making cards in 30 minutes or less so I can actually send more. I thought this would be a chance to make a quick card.
  Here it is!

I know those flowers are crazy. I bought them over 2 years ago and every time I drag them out I think "What could I have possibly been thinking?" Yet I kept them. So now some have actually made their way to a card!.
  This however is the first time I have used this embossing folder. It is Geo Flowers from the Paper Studio. Also a first for me is making the bow out of a different ribbon. I have never really had the guts to do that but I am okay with it and may even learn to like it over time.

 Well off to wait for the appliance delivery man..... never been so excited to spend my afternoon doing laundry!
Hope you day is fill to the brim with blessings!

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