Saturday, August 25, 2012

TWO, Yes I said two, layouts

  I have been earnestly trying to get my life back after the last year of absolute total chaos! I do not anticipate getting it truly back until after the second wedding in the year so I am going to still be hit and miss for awhile. My goal is January to get back into some true routine???? I know we will see LOL. I have been doing a small amount of crafting amidst the chaos just do not seem to be able to actually get pictures and type a line or two......
   I have become a member of a yahoo group  SNC. They are a great group of VERY TALENTED women. They have let me join them. I have been a member for less than two months and I have learned so much from them already. They are very active in scrapbooking and have regular challenges. I have really enjoyed getting to know them and sharing my work with them. I have actually gotten more done too. Now is that a win win situation or what!
  Here are the two layouts that I got done this morning.

This was a 24 hour challenge piece. I did not create any original embellishments for this layout. I think that is a first for me. WOW did it go together fast. I was worried that it would be too busy but it is really beginning to grow on me. I have never bought kits or sets just random pieces that I like but I am really seeing the value in having a "package" as it truly makes the work go faster. I so enjoy the process of creating it all from scratch but I really am slow. And since I have 55 years to scrap I think I am going to invest in some kits!!

This was for the August sketch at SNC. I found these old pictures when looking for something else and knew I had to work with them. I had a tough time coming up with a title that I liked but once I got over that hurdle this went together quickly too. The journaling is attached to the fish under the picture. I cut all the fish using MTC and some goggled coloring book pages. It was fun to color them girly and glitzy!Jeff really liked the pictures and he can't wait for Adrienne to see it tomorrow. LOL. He is such an encouraging hubby!!

 Thank you so much for visiting.
Have a blessed day!

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