Saturday, January 22, 2011

Well, life sure has it's twists and turns. My precious daughter who lives over 500 miles away from me is really struggling. She has 2 absolutely precious boys 1 and 2. She has made a series of not so good choices and finds herself in need of some extra mothering. I took an unplanned 8 day trip up to help her out. The big bonus for me was lots of time with the boys. I miss so much being so far away sniff sniff.. So I was very blessed to be able to just pick up and leave. I was really sad to leave to get home to return to work. I am committed to make sure that I take off more time for her in the next few months.
So today I scrapped one of the everyday things that I was able to capture while I was there.
This is the first time I have ever used a collage in a layout. It is also the first time ever I have gone from ordering the pictures to a final project in just a couple of hours. I was determined to have something I liked before going to work. Though it is not my usual style I am ok with it.
The toys were cut from paperdoll dress ups except the dinosaur from create a critter

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